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The airplane is the most important way of travelling in our generation. It doesn’t matter if you travel for business, take a short trip for the weekend to Miami, or go on a chartered trip for vacation. Without airplanes, the thought of such trips disappear. And on weekends or short trips, your trip is made more fantastic with a shorter flight. By car you will need several hours than if you took an airplane. But what happens to the people who stay at your home waiting for you? The people who will pick you up from the airport after you arrive? You need our flight tracker. And we provide even more options than to just track flights. You always know where the airplane is at the exact moment.


What does it mean to track Flights?

The live flight tracker provides you the opportunity to track flights online. You can track every flight, such as when your family or friends go on holidays. You know in every moment where your loved ones are. Our live flight tracker uses the best and up-to-date radar data and information, so you can track all airlines in civil air traffic. You see the information in real-time on the map and you always know the coordinates of the airplane your friends and family travel in. On top of this, you gather even more intel when you track flights. Whenever you check flights, you will see the current course, travel speed and estimated time of arrival. Other information such as the airline, departure airport and possible delays will be shown when you track flights.


Track Flights online – how is that possible?

Every airplane in the civil airspace is equipped with special sensors, so-called transponders. These sensors have a permanent connection making it possible to track this flight. Because this signal is for civil purposes and not for military use, it’s available to the public and can be displayed on websites to track flights. The data of the airplanes are sent to public services such as the flight radar and can be used on the website to look up flights. It’s 100% free to use this provided data to track flights and you don’t even need special equipment. Use your every computer, tablet or smartphone. Learn more about the flight radar here.

Track Flights online – who can use this service?

The service to track flights online is open to everyone and a wide variety of people. First off, it’s exciting to track flights online. Track a flight and observe how the airplane travels across the globe. The practical benefits are undeniable. Companies know exactly when a certain employee arrives in a foreign office, so they can inform their colleagues about possible delays. As a private person, you can check flights to be sure where your loved ones are flying and that they are safe. If you want to pick up your family from the airport, you can use their flight number to track the flight to pick them up from the airport. You have the possibility to track flights and you are informed about delays, so you can better plan the trip to the airport.

What kind of information do I get when I track flights

The information you will get when you track flights can vary a lot on each site. In most cases, you will get the same information the transponder sends when you check flights. These are, among others, the current altitude and course of the airplane, as well as a diagram of the already passed distance and route the airplane will fly next. Also, you will receive information about delays, the arrival time and the arrival gate. In a nutshell, the information you get when you track flights are the same when you sit in the airplane and check the status on the display in front of you. This is the same information the transponder sends to the Internet that you can see when you check flights. Start tracking flights now!

Tracking flights has a plethora of benefits! It doesn’t matter whether you just want to be sure that your loved ones are safe or what time they arrive at home so you can pick them up. You simply need to track flights and you have all the information on your fingertips. Companies can check where their goods, employees and airplane are at the moment, and they can facilitate the information they receive when they track flights to know the exact arrival time.

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