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Flight Tracker: Easy and informative

Flight Tracker: Find out with ease which airplane flies where and when above your head. Track your flights in real-time with our Flight Radar. Also, track with our Flight Radar the position of every airplane and figure out where your friends and family are now. See not only when the airplane arrives at its destination, but also its flight time and distance. It’s exciting to track flights live! With our online flight tracker, you do not only see the current position of the airplane, but also the most important details about every flight.

The flight tracker is 100% free without any additional costs. You simply click on the plus sign at the flight radar and zoom into the map. If you are interested in the movement of Bogota’s airport, simply drag and drop to the desired position on the map, or click on the airport button at the top of the menu bar. In case you find a flight you are interested in, just zoom in the map and click on the respective airplane.


What does a Flight Tracker offer?

Through flight tracker, you can see all the movements of every airplane worldwide, along with the destinations they are heading to. Our tool gives you the best overview with the details about the world above you. Instead of vague information, you will get the facts that do not only help airplane fans following a flight and tracker. You receive all the interesting details for free, while other providers will charge you too much.

With our free Flight Radar, you get all the needed information about an airplane or route. You always know the exact airplane coordinates and you even receive information about the airplane type. We present you all the details about the airplane such as the speed, altitude and flown miles/kilometers. The flight tracker gives you an insider’s look about everything happening above you. The free flight tracker brings you intel if the flight is a commercial airplane or privately chartered airplane. And you can rest assured that the private airplanes belong to high net worth individuals. The flight radar presents you all the movements in the air. The flight tracker offers you the perfect insight about everything above. Learn more about the flight radar here.


Free of charge: The Live Flight Tracker

Enjoy our flight tracker and receive amazing insight about everything in the air. The flight tracker is completely free of charge and will be free forever. Spare those expensive programs or applications for when you want to track flights. You do not need to install any programs for our free flight tracker.

Tips for the Flight Tracker

We recommend you to zoom in the map as much as possible when you want to track flights and gather more intel. Are you interested in a particular airplane? Simply zoom in on the airport! A great example is the Bogota airport where you can see departures every minute. Zoom out of the map and you will see more flights.


Airplane enthusiasts can observe every airplane in the world

For flight observers who want to track flights, our website is the best choice! You can even track flights on your smartphone. You will not only get incredible insight, but also exact schedules. This comes handy not only for when you want to pick up someone from the airport. Learn here about the current applications of flight radars!

Drone Pilotes can use the flight radar as well 

Drone pilots are regularly using our Flight Radar to track flights when they want to know if airplanes are close by. In this case, they want to track flights with our Flight Tracker. It’s not only useful but also a necessity for certain safety regulations! Moreover, drone pilots should always follow the laws of the country where they wish to fly the drone and always keep the drone within eye-distance.

Track Flights on our flight tracker
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